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Those impossible knots
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One of the most frustrating challenges we run into as LMT's is that nasty knot near the scapular area that just won't ever release.  


Good news!!  Now it is not only possible, but relatively simple and only takes a few minutes. 


Sound to good to be true? 


Watch this free short video and become a hero to your clients! 

The rest of the Nine Powerful Secrets to Long Term Pain Relief are equally helpful and will allow you to help your clients find pain relief that you never thought possible.  They will love you for it! 


But even more important, the part I am most excited to share with you, is the chapter on marketing and how to gain loyal customers.  The concepts I share with you there are what have not only made my business successful, they are the practices that make my business so enjoyable that I don't even think of it as work.  It is just fun and makes me smile every day! 


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Curt is an excellent teacher!

He is clear and knowledgeable in what he is teaching. I’ve been a massage therapist for 11 years and an energy/mindset worker for 5 years. This course has taught me how to put a rib back in place and I’m excited to practice that more! It’s helped reinforce some of my massage techniques and enhance them. I have incorporated some of the release techniques in sessions and have had amazing success with it! I’ve even practiced on myself and have felt major releases in my low back. I love it!

The marketing bonus session is great! I like the structure Curt uses and am working on ways to implement it as soon as possible.

This is an excellent course and well worth your time if you are wanting to pursue Myofascial Release!


Kellie Peavler Johnson, LMT

True Relief: Freedom from Pain


My name is Joshua Chappell.  I’ve been practicing massage therapy for 17 years and have helped a lot of clients, but knew there was something missing from the way I was practicing.  Since beginning this myofascial release class with Curt Redd, my practice has improved dramatically.  He is extremely knowledgeable and his teaching style is proactive.  I highly recommend Curt’s MFR class to any therapist who would like to improve the results they get with clients.  I have also had a lot more re-book with me as a result of using Curt’s approach.

Joshua D. Chappell, LMT
MassageWorx, LLC


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